Flash Fire Rainwear

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** Chemical resistant rainwear ** designed for the petroleum, oil and gas industries. These protective garnments provide chemical resistance along with protection from electric arcs and flash fire. Nasco specialty rainwear is versatile and comfortable, offering a range of products designed with some of the most demanding industries in mind. ** Nasco PetroLite ** , ** Nasco MP3 ** , and ** Nasco Sentinel ** rainwear lines offer high durability and cater to the oil and gas extraction, oil refining and processing, chemical manufacturing, handling and transport, and gas transmission industries.

Please contact Legion Safety at 866-781-3892 if you have additional questions regarding our chemical resistant, arc flash, and flash fire rainwear.

** Material specifications ** for the various product groups can be found on Nasco Industries’s website. Please click on the following links to see more detailed specifications for products in this category: ** Sentinel , PetroLite , MP3 ** .