If you are curious to learn some general information about the different types of fire resistant clothing that can be used in welding and other applications and get some possible insights into what may be best for your job, please check out our ** article on Understanding FR Clothing ** .

The welding process can be very hazardous to your health. Flying slag, sparks, toxic vapors, UV/IR radiation, extreme heat and other factors can pose serious risks to a welders health. Despite what most people think, flying sparks and the heat of the weld itself are not the only hazards of the welding process, toxic chemicals are emitted in the welding process as well as harmful UV and IR rays. Our line of welding helmets, eye protection and welding respirators will protect you from most hazards, however this still leaves the skin vulnerable. The most important areas to consider for protection are the lungs, face, eyes and hands. Our comprehensive line-up of Welding clothing will serve to protect you from these hazards.

We offer a wide variety of protective welding clothing including leather welding clothing, welding overalls, aprons, coats and much more. One of the most dangerous aspects of welding is the exposure to UV radiation. This can cause burns much like sunburns which can be very painful, this is a risk because any bare skin exposed to the arc flash is vulnerable to this injury. Molten slag and sparks flying around are another risk for exposed skin and these are common yet very preventable injuries. Make sure no area of your body is left exposed to the welding area to minimize unnecessary injury.

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