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_ High-visibility clothing _ , also called _ hi vis clothing _ , is a type of _ personal protective equipment _ that is designed to make the wearer easily discernible against almost any background. The most basic ** general purpose hi vis vests ** are made of a brightly colored fluorescent fabric for immediate visibility in the daytime while being very light and non-constrictive. For even better visibility, especially in low-light conditions, retro-reflective stripes are added to the surface of the ** hi vis safety vest ** , making the wearer more visible in the dark near a light source. For example, road construction workers are required to wear _ hi vis vests _ with reflective stripes, such as our Class II Hi-Viz Vests , so that drivers can see them better on the road.

Legion Safety offers a selection of _ hi-vis clothing _ for workers in many industries, such as construction workers, emergency response crews such as first aid staff and search and rescue teams, meter readers, rail workers, surveying crews and airport ground personnel. Of course, our _ high visibility equipment _ can be used by anyone who needs to be noticed – bicyclists, hunters, motorcyclists, valet parking attendants, film and TV crews and more.

Legion Safety Products carries ** high visibility safety vests ** from _ Occunomix International _ and _ River City _ ( _ MCR Safety _ ).