Nitrile Coated Gloves

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Nitrile coated gloves provide an economic alternative to leather/leather palm gloves and are great for construction and automotive applications, box handling and various other fields.

Nitrile is a 100% synthetic co-polymer of acrylonitrile and butadiene. Its production process is fairly simple and is very similar to rubber production. It is, however, stronger than natural rubber latex and does not cause allergic reactions, allowing for a wider range of applications for nitrile dipped gloves. While this synthetic version of latex lacks the great stretch and grip of natural rubber, it is prized for its strength. Nitrile offers excellent resistance to punctures and tears and, when used in nitrile coated gloves, is up to three times more puncture resistant than natural rubber latex coated gloves. Another big benefit of nitrile dipped gloves is the chemical resistance nitrile stands up well to oil, making it an excellent choice for metal stamping or handling small oily parts. On the other hand, nitrile is not very temperature-resistant; however, it performs well in a range of temperatures between -4°C (25°F) and 149°C (300°F).

Nitrile can also be foamed when used as a palm coating, behaving like a sponge when your nitrile palm glove comes in contact with smooth, oily surfaces. The sponge-like surface of nitrile foam gloves soaks up oils, displacing them and improving grip considerably. A different foaming process uses a micropore technology to create a bubble-like surface that does not allow oil to penetrate through the nitrile foam coated glove all the way to the hand while absorbing it at the same time.