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The original foam HyFlex 11-800 glove gives your workers the combination of grip, dexterity, comfort and safety they need to perform at their highest level. The ergonomic fit makes it more likely to be worn while the grip in light oil helps increase productivity–all of which increases worker compliance. For light foam assembly applications, HyFlex 11-800 provides your workers with the highest level of comfort and protection. The patented foam coating is resistant to snags and abrasions, and it provides excellent grip in light oil applications by channeling the oil away from the glove surface. The HyFlex 11-800 glove is designed to give your workers the best combination of comfort and protection. Our original foam coating is resistant to snags and abrasions, and provides excellent grip in light oil. The foam nitrile, which molds to your hands, together with the ergonomically designed liner provides the most comfortable glove with the highest level of dexterity.

These gloves are used in many industries and settings such as; aerospace, automotive, computer manufacturing, plastics, stone, glass & clay Manufacturing, tier one, white/durable goods applications, assembly of small components, automotive final assembly areas, electronics parts installation, maintenance operations, and wire handling.

Features of the Ansell HyFlex 11-800 gloves:

  • Helps deliver precision, dexterity and flexibility when assembling and handling small parts Ergonomic form-fitting liner design
  • Ultra-cool stretch nylon liner
  • Enhanced grip for small parts (even when oil is present)
  • Available in a wide range of sizes to protect more workers (6-11)
  • Can be laundered and reused–perfect for light oil and industrial applications where gloves soil quickly


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