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Protective Coverall Models - Kleenguard from Kimberly Clark

A _ coverall _ is a one-piece _ protective garment _ with long sleeves and pants. _ Coveralls _ are similar to _ jumpsuits _ , but generally not as tight-fitting. _ Coveralls _ ‘ main features are the absence of a gap between the top and the bottom of the _ protective garment _ and no loose elements. Still called boilersuits in the UK, _ work coveralls _ were originally worn by workers manning coal-fired boilers. During cleaning and maintenance jobs, workers had to actually climb in the boilers and, having no openings, _ coveralls _ did not let soot and dirt get inside the garments. In addition, lack of lapels, cords and other “dangling” parts helps make sure that nothing gets caught in machinery that can endanger the worker’s life. Many _ work coveralls _ have a long, thin pocket on the pant leg outside of the thigh for holding longer tools. _ Coveralls _ generally have a zipper, Velcro or snap fasteners or buttons in the front extending from the groin area to the throat. For extra protection when needed, certain _ coveralls _ have attached hoods. Other _ coverall _ varieties include _ insulated coveralls _ for work in colder temperatures, _ fire retardant coveralls _ and _ disposable coveralls _ for one-time uses or when contamination requires the _ protective clothing _ to be changed more often. Generally, _ coveralls _ are worn at work as _ protective clothing _ over regular clothes, but can be worn simply over undergarments as well.

** Legion Safety Products ** offers a variety of _ protective clothing _ , including regular _ work coveralls _ , _ disposable coveralls _ , _ liquid protection coveralls _ for use in various industries, including food processing, chemical laboratories, electronics assembly facilities and many more.

** Legion Safety ** currently supplies the _ Kleenguard coveralls _ brand from ** Kimberly Clark ** . Please check back – we continuously expand our stock.

For laboratory applications, combine your white _ disposable coveralls _ with our disposable gloves and safety goggles ; for microelectronics manufacturing, check out our light PU coated safety gloves and safety glasses .