SKU: MM2078-PRMPN: 2078

Product Details

3M 2078 particulate filters with nuisance level organic vapor/acid gas relief could be used for numerous applications such as processing minerals, coal, iron ore, cotton, flour, and certain other substances. P95 rating of these 3M respirator filters provides protection from liquid or oil based particles from sprays that do not emit harmful vapors. These filters are suitable for protection from some metal fumes produced from welding, brazing, cutting and other operations involving heating of metals. 3M recommended for ozone protection up to 10 times the OSHA PEL (not NIOSH certified for use against ozone). 3M recommended for relief from nuisance levels of organic vapors (not approved against organic vapors). 3M recommended for relief from nuisance levels of acid gases such as sulfur dioxide, hydrogen fluoride and/or chlorine (not approved against acid gases). These 3M p95 filters are NIOSH approved and feature a bayonet style connector. They provide at least 95% filtration efficiency against solid and liquid aerosols including oils. The 3m 2078 filter can be used as a stand-alone filter with 3M 6000, 7500, 7800 and Ultimate FX FF-400 Series Facepieces or as a prefilter with 3M 5000 series respirators and 6000 series cartridges (use with 502 adapter).

The 3M 2078 P95 filters can be used in a variety of workplace applications:

  • Cutting
  • Welding
  • Torch cutting
  • Brazing
  • Other operations involving heating of metals


Gas protectionNone
Particulates protectionP95