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Offering maximum coverage and outstanding protection, Tingley V41108 Safetyflex® fire resistant coverall with attached hood is designed for top-notch worker safety in hazardous work environments. Featuring a Specialty PVC coating over a knit polyester lining, this protective garment provides resistance to industrial acids, chemicals, and caustics. The coating and sealed seam combination make this coverall impermeable to liquids, for best protection. The strong and stretchy lining, in addition to the garment’s soft, supple feel and full cut shoulders for maximum freedom of movement, make it suitable for all-day comfortable wear. For added safety, Tingley V41108 is a distinctive safety green color for easy identification, and has tapered sleeves, made to fit into protective gloves or accommodate glove rings, as well as a zipper closure with a dual storm fly front, for superior function and protection. Covering the wearer from head to toe, this fire resistant coverall covers all the bases when it comes to protection when working with aggressive applications.

Tingley V41108 Safetyflex® fire resistant coverall with attached hood has the following features:

  • Specialty PVC coating on knit polyester lining * Resistance to industrial acids, chemicals, and caustics, as well as top-notch permeation performance, provided by heavy coating * Specialty PVC coating also offers flame resistance: garment self extinguishes with flameout and afterglow less than 2 seconds after removal of ignition source - tested via ASTM D6413 * Knit polyester lining provides material strength and stretchiness for best comfort
  • Soft and supple feel for full-day wear
  • Safety green color is distinctive and provides easy identification of garment
  • Full cut shoulders have a 90° sleeve to body angle, allowing for superior freedom of movement
  • Tapered sleeves made to fit into protective gloves or accommodate glove rings, for additional safety
  • Therm-O-Rad sealed seams offer 100% liquid proof protection * Design eliminates needle holes, preventing chemicals from penetrating the garment
  • Attached hood provides head protection
  • Garment has hidden hardware and zipper closure with dual storm fly front, for best safety * Take-up hardware at the ankles, for adjusting fit * Hardware is non-conductive and non-corrosive for maximum function and protection * Storm fly front keeps out elements and contaminants
  • Mildew resistant for long service life
  • Chemical resistance: Many acids, oils, alcohols, salts, and alkalies
  • Ideal applications: Chemical environments


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