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Designed for excellent comfort and top-notch protection, the Iron Eagle® chemical resistant jacket from Tingley is made out of nylon with an exterior coat of polyurethane. Crafted to withstand the toughest environments, this garment is chemically resistant to a variety of substances, including fats, oils, pine tars, gasoline, grease, and more, and is also resistant to abrasions and snags. This durable and reliable jacket has hood snaps for attaching the Iron Eagle® detachable hood , which is sold separately. Offering excellent flexibility for best function, this jacket also has heat sealed seams for 100% waterproof protection. Combining lightweight wear with heavy-duty safety features, this Tingley jacket provides great performance in a range of circumstances.

A similar item is available from NASCO. The WorkHard 60J jacket with hood snaps and a polyurethane coating provides chemical resistance and liquid shedding capability.

Tingley Iron Eagle® chemical resistant jacket with hood snaps has the following features:

  • Exterior coated with 2 mil thick polyurethane, for excellent resistance to abrasions and snags
  • Smooth texture of the coating allows for easy decontamination and offers top-notch liquid shedding capability
  • Woven nylon lining offers lightweight and comfortable wear, as well as exceptional toughness and drying ability
  • Therm-O-Rad seams are heat sealed for outstanding durability, 100% waterproof protection, and withstanding repetitive laundering
  • Batwing sleeve design and generous cut of the garment allows for great freedom of movement
  • Storm fly front keeps out the elements and contaminants
  • Snaps are heavy duty for best function
  • Hood snaps for attaching Iron Eagle® detachable hood , which is sold separately
  • Mildew resistant for long service life
  • Chemical resistance: Good in most hydrocarbon oils, organic acids, salts, alkalies, and in some organic solvents; not recommended in ketones, alcohols, and certain solvents
  • Ideal applications: Food processing, meat packing, forestry, agriculture, petrochemical, and nuclear utilities

Tingley Iron Eagle® chemical resistant jacket with hood snaps variations:

  • Tingley J22207 comes in Gold
  • Tingley J22208 comes in Green

NASCO offers a similar product, the WorkHard 60J jacket with hood snaps and a polyurethane coating.


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