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Made for extreme work environments, the Tingley J41108 Safetyflex® flame resistant jacket with attached hood offers top-notch chemical resistance and provides 100% waterproof protection. Coated with Specialty PVC, this jacket is resistant to industrial acids, chemicals, and caustics. This coating, in conjunction with the Therm-O-Rad sealed seams, offers superior permeation performance, preventing chemicals and other liquids from penetrating into the jacket. For additional protection, this jacket features tapered sleeves that fit easily into protective gloves or can accommodate glove rings, and the hardware is hidden for best function and safety. For durability and long service life, this jacket’s polyester lining provides excellent material strength and stretch, and this garment is mildew resistant. Designed for comfortable, all-day wear, this safety green flame resistant jacket maintains its supple and soft feel, and has full cut shoulders for best freedom of movement.

A similar product is available from NASCO: the AcidBasic 512J jacket with attached hood, which is coated with PVC and offers flame and chemical resistance.

Tingley J41108 Safetyflex® flame resistant jacket with attached hood has the following features:

  • Specialty PVC coating on knit polyester lining * Resistance to industrial acids, chemicals, and caustics, as well as excellent permeation performance, offered by heavy Specialty PVC coating * Coating provides flame resistance: garment self extinguishes with flameout and afterglow less than 2 seconds after removal of ignition source - tested via ASTM D6413 * Lining is tough and stretchy for maximum comfort
  • Soft and supple feel for full-day wearability
  • Distinctive safety green color allows for effortless identification of protective garment
  • Shoulders are full cut with a 90° sleeve to body angle for top-notch freedom of movement
  • Tapered sleeves designed to fit into protective gloves or accommodate glove rings, for increased safety
  • Therm-O-Rad sealed seams provide 100% liquid proof protection * Method eliminates needle holes, preventing chemicals from penetrating the garment
  • Attached hood offers additional head protection
  • Storm fly front keeps out elements and contaminants
  • Hardware is hidden, and snaps are non-conductive and non-corrosive, for best safety and function
  • Mildew resistant for extended service life
  • Chemical resistance: Many acids, oils, alcohols, salts, and alkalies
  • Ideal applications: Chemical environments

NASCO offers a similar product, the AcidBasic 512J jacket with attached hood, featuring a PVC coating which offers chemical and flame resistance.


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