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Product Details

Tingley S41108 Safetyflex® flame resistant protective sleeves have a Specialty PVC coating and a knit polyester lining, offering excellent safety and longevity. The coating provides flame and chemical resistance, as well as great permeation performance, for top-notch protection. The lining is strong and stretchy, and the sleeves maintain their soft and supple feel, allowing for comfortable extended wear. Easy identification is offered by the distinctive green coloring of these protective sleeves, which also offer 100% liquid proof protection.

Tingley S41108 Safetyflex® flame resistant protective sleeves have the following features:

  • Specialty PVC coating on knit polyester lining * Garment is resistant to industrial acids, chemicals, and caustics, as well as excellent permeation performance, provided by the heavy Specialty PVC coating * Coating also offers flame resistance: garment self extinguishes with flameout and afterglow less than 2 seconds after removal of ignition source - tested via ASTM D6413 * Knit polyester lining offers material strength and stretchiness for top-notch comfort
  • Soft and supple feel for best wearability
  • Distinctive safety green color provides easy identification
  • Therm-O-Rad sealed seams offer 100% liquid proof protection * Design eliminates needle holes, preventing chemicals from penetrating the garment
  • Mildew resistant for long service life
  • Chemical resistance: Many acids, oils, alcohols, salts, and alkalies
  • Ideal applications: Chemical environments


Sleeve Length18" Long
Garment Primary ColorGreen
Sleeve length18"
Chemical resistantYes
Water resistantYes