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DualTech webbing of this ** Miller Revolutions arc rated harness ** offers the durability and fire-retardant properties of Kevlar® on the outside, with softer fire-retardant Nomex® on the inside of the webbing. PivotLink design allows freedom of motion and comfort, while the unique cam buckles provide easy 2-finger adjustment. Leather insulators under all metal hardware offer additional protection. Kevlar® web loop on the back pad allows for a metal-less connection when used with a Kevlar® shock-absorbing lanyard witha a choke-off loop. Harnesses have bright red binding making them easily identifiable as an arc rated fall protection product. Standard features of this ** Revolution harness from Miller ** include quick-connect chest buckle, back shield, self-contained label pack and web finials. Tensile strength of 10,000 lbs. Comes in a universal size (Large/X-Large). This _ fall protection harness _ meets ASTM F887-05 arc flash standards and applicable OSHA, ANSI and CSA requirements.

This harness comes with two styles of leg strap buckles: ** Miller RKNAR-TB/UBK ** for product with tongue leg strap buckles and ** Miller RKNAR-QC/UBK ** for the unit with the quick-connect option.


* Kevlar®/Nomex® webbing * Kevlar® elastic keepers * Kevlar®, polyester stitching * Kevlar® web loop * Kevlar® rescue loops * Leather insulators * Clear chromate finished carbon steel buckles * Brass grommets * Valeron labels * Glass-filled nylon, aluminum, stainless steel cam buckles * Clear chromate finished carbon steel, stainless steel pivotlink * Kevlar®, urethane back, belt and shoulder pads * Evoprene, nylon label pack

Technical specifications:

* Max working load: 400 lbs (181.4 kg) * Webbing min. tensile: 7000 lbs (31 kN) * D-ring min. tensile: 5000 lbs (22 kN) * Buckle min. tensile: 4000 lbs (18 kN) * Certification: meets stringent ASTM F887-05 arc flash standards and all OSHA, ANSI and CSA requirements


Harness TypeUniversal Size, Quick-Connect Leg Strap BucklesUniversal Size, Tongue Leg Strap Buckles