Welding Respirators

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One of the often overlooked dangers of welding is the fumes. Toxic substances are burned in the welding process regardless if it is Stick, TIG or MIG, and if inhaled, some of these chemicals can cause major damage to welders. One of the most recognized chemicals posing a danger to welders is manganese. Manganese causes major brain and nervous system damage if inhaled, and can lead to Parkinson’s and Manganism (Manganese poisoning), a Parkinson’s-like disease which makes walking and breathing very difficult. Why chance these horrible diseases when you can easily reduce or eliminate this risk by wearing a Welding Respirator? Although certain laws restrict your exposure to manganese in welding fumes, these set limits may not be enough to fully protect you. Our line of Welding Respirators will filter many different harmful chemicals, keeping you safe and able to breathe easy. Our disposable welding respirators will easily fit under either an auto dimming or passive welding helmet and protect your lungs with ease. If you prefer to wear welding goggles, than consider a half mask welding respirator for even more respiratory protection.

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