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Product Details

The Comfo Elite is a silicone-facepiece half-mask respirator, suitable for protection against particulate and dust hazards, as well as non-IDLH levels of toxic vapors (when paired with appropriate respirator cartridge ). The soft black silicone facepiece of the Comfo Elite respirator is comfortable, resistant to facial oils and features a great sealing surface. The MSA Comfo Elite half-mask respirator offers excellent protection in a variety of industrial and construction applications - certified by NIOSH. The silicone facepiece of the Comfo Elite respirator has a special sealing surface, designed to minimize facepiece slipping, and maximize protection as well as comfort and stability. The half mask respirator comes standard with a cradle headband that allows the wearer to make adjustments while actually wearing the mask. The Comfo Elite half-mask uses the Comfo series threaded respirator cartridges .

Applications of the MSA Comfo Elite Half Mask Respirator:

  • Construction
  • Industrial Work
  • Sanding & Grinding
  • Painting


Respirator SizeSmall