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The Advantage 4200 is a twin-port full-mask respirator from the MSA Advantage 4000 Series, a versatile industrial respirator system with a wide range of applications. With its modular construction, this facepiece can be easily converted from working with standard Advantage cartridges to supplied and powered air systems. The MSA Advantage 4000 Series 4200 Full-Mask respirator is a revolutionary twin-port system that can be customized to work in a wide variety of respiratory protection applications. The Advantage 4200 respirator facepiece is available in silicone and Hycar, both of which provide a superb face seal, based on the MSA Ultra Elite facepiece design. Available with a comfortable net harness and three sizes for a perfect fit. Nosecut is standard to decrease fogging in high moisture, cold environments. The MSA Advantage 4200 Twin-port respirator works with the bayonet style Advantage series cartridges.

Features of the MSA Advantage Full Mask Respirator 4200:

  • Facepiece is compatible with several MSA respirator models for comfortable, cost-efficient performance
  • Option of three standard sizes ensures user will find a solid fit
  • Standard nosecup reduces fogging
  • Components lock into place in seconds for quick, convenient performance


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