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The Ultra-Elite is a full-mask respirator with a wide-view polycarbonate lens that is designed to provide great peripheral and downward vision. The Ultra Elite respirator should be fitted with a twin-cartridge adapter to accept threaded MSA Comfo cartridge series . The Ultra Elite respirator protects from particulate and dust, as well as small projectiles and splashes, and toxic vapors (non-IDLH). The MSA Ultra Elite full-mask is a twin-cartridge respirator, approved by NIOSH for a variety of respiratory protection applications. The Ultra Elite respirator features a wide scratch-resistant lens that provides superb peripheral and downward vision, as well as protection from small projectiles. The full-mask respirator facepiece is made from silicone or SoftFeel® Hycar rubber, both working well to provide comfort and superior seal. The Ultra Elite full-mask respirator has a speaking diaphragm for ease of communication. A nosecup design that helps reduce lens fogging is standard. Just like the Ultra Twin respirator, the MSA Ultra Elite uses the Comfo series of threaded respirator cartridges. The Ultra Elite full-mask respirator is designed to protect the wearer against particulates, dust, non-IDLH toxic atmospheres, chemical splashes and small projectile impacts.

Adapter and cartridges sold separately

Applications of the MSA Ultra Elite Full Mask Respirator:

  • Asbestos Abatement
  • Welding
  • Sanding & Grinding


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