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The Millennium Gas Mask is built for high performance, comfort and efficiency. This military-style gas mask uses 40mm NATO thread canisters. Millennium Riot Control Gas Mask is NIOSH-approved for protection against CS and CN gases and P100 particulate. The MSA Millennium Gas Mask is a Hycar rubber gas mask with a flexible polyurethane lens and a mechanical speaking diaphragm. There’s a possibility to upgrade to a MSA ESP II Communication System. The Millennium Gas Mask’s dual-canister mount uses a 40mm NATO-standard thread and allows weapon sighting from both left and right shoulders. The internal nosecup has 2 valves and deflects the air away from the lens, decreasing the amount of lens fogging. This mask’s 6-point head harness is easy to put on / take off, easily adjustable and reduces hair pulling. A drinking tube, built into the gas mask, provides fluid intake in contaminated environments. When used with CBRN canisters and a butyl head-covering hood, the MSA Millennium Gas Mask becomes a NIOSH-approved CBRN system , fully protecting against tear gas and CBRN accidents.

Applications of the MSA Millennium CBRN/Riot Control Gas Mask:

  • CBRN Incidents
  • Civil Disturbances
  • Clandestine Labs


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