MSA Advantage 815358 Ammonia & Methylamine GMD Cartridge

SKU: MS815358-PRMPN: 815358

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Product Details

MSA Advantage series GMD cartridges are suitable for protection from Ammonia and Methylamine. The MSA Advantage 815358 cartridge is NIOSH-approved Ammonia and Methylamine protection respirator cartridge . This cartridge is also effective against other Amines, but should not be used against organic vapors that generate high-heat reactions with sorbent or with poor warning properties. The bayonet connection style fits all MSA Advantage respirator facepieces. The cartridge is lightweight and has a swept-back, low profile design, that makes it easy to see your work and provides good balance to help maintain a comfortable and secure facepiece seal. Sold by packages that contain two respirator cartridges.

MSA Advantage ammonia and methylamine GMD cartridge fits with the following respirators:


Gas protectionAmmonia & Methylamine
Particulates protectionNone