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MSA Advantage series Mersorb cartridges are suitable for protection from Mercury Vapors, Chlorine, and all particulate aerosols. The MSA Advantage 815368 cartridge with P100 filter is a NIOSH-approved cartridge, designed to protect the workers from metallic mercury vapors, chlorine gas and particulate aerosols (99.97% filter efficiency). This cartridge is lightweight and low-profile, resulting in a great balance and weight distribution for the respirator mask. The swept-back design of all Advantage filters stays out of sight and does not clutter the field of view. The Advantage 815368 cartridge features a bayonet connection type to fit the MSA Advantage respirator face pieces. Each package has two Advantage 815368 respirator cartridges. This cartridge should not be used in low-oxygen atmospheres and in conditions immediately dangerous to health.

MSA Advantage mercury vapor and chlorine mersorb cartridge with P100 filter fits with the following respirators:


Gas protectionMercury vapor and Chlorine gas
Particulates protectionP100