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Product Details

The MSA 818343 P100 Organic Vapor & Ozone Flexi-filter pad for Advantage respirators is a low-profile, NIOSH-approved filter that fits well under various PPE, such as welding hoods and more. This P100 Filter is 99.97% efficient against particulate aerosols and provides protection from nuisance levels of organic vapors and ozone. The breathing resistance is very low and allows for ease of work throughout the day. The filter has a multi-layer construction and a spark-resistant cover that provide great durability. The bayonet connection type on this filter allows it to be fitted to all MSA Advantage respirator facepiece models. The swept-back filter pa is thin and makes it easy to see your work. Sold by a package with two filters each. This particulate P100 filter does not require a cartridge. This filter is suitable for welding applications.

MSA Advantage P100 flexi-filter with nuisance OV - ozone protection fits with the following respirators:


Gas protectionNone
Particulates protectionP100