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3M 7500 Half Face ultimate reusable respirators are NIOSH approved to accommodate a wide variety of 3M cartridges and filters. These half-face respirators are made with silicone to provide maximum comfort and durability and are available in three sizes (small, medium, large) to comfortably fit many faces. The 3M Half Face respirator models 7501, 7502 and 7503 incorporate a unique head harness design that allows easy adjustments the option of wearing the respirator in either traditional or drop-down mode. Cartridges, filters and retainers are sold separately. Use these half-face respirators with 3M 2000 Series and 7093/7093C filters or 6000-series cartridges.

These respirators come in a variation of sizes:

  • 3M 7501 - small size
  • 3M 7502 - medium size
  • 3M 7503 - large size


Respirator SizeSmallMediumLarge