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The Ultra-Twin full-mask respirator is among the top MSA respirators, featuring a large chin cup for easy positioning, a headstrap system designed for comfort and a scratch-resistant polycarbonate lens. The Ultra Twin respirator protects from dust and particulates, small projectiles and splashes, and toxic atmospheres (non-IDLH). This respirator uses the threaded Comfo cartridges. The MSA Ultra Twin Full-mask Respirator is approved by NIOSH for a variety of respiratory applications. The Ultra-twin respirator features a wide, scratch-resistant and chemical-resistant polycarbonate lens, held in place by a color-coded ring, with colors indicating the facepiece size. The facepiece has an inturned lip around its edge and a large chin cup to ensure a comfortable and a secure seal and easy positioning. The Ultra-twin respirator harness features five suspension headstraps and adjustable buckles that minimize hair entanglement. The lens is held in place by a two-piece lens ring which is color-coded to indicate the size of the facepiece. The Ultra twin full-face respirator includes a speaking diagram for ease of communications. The MSA Ultra-Twin full-facepiece respirator uses the Comfo line of threaded respirator cartridges.

Applications of the MSA Ultra-Twin Full Mask Respirator:

  • Asbestos Abatement
  • Welding
  • Sanding & Grinding
  • Painting


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