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New AlphaTec 58-530B Nitrile gloves (black/teal) replace the older 58-530 black/burgundy model, retaining all the best features. Amazing Ansell Grip Technology™ - Ansell’s patent-pending layer nitrile, filled with microscopic openings that actively channel oils and other lubricants away, giving you nearly the same grip you would have in fluid-free conditions. Combined with an advanced ergonomic design, the AlphaTEC glove greatly increases control and comfort, significantly reducing fatigue and CTS-related injuries.

The Ansell AlphaTEC™ glove sets a new industry benchmark for grip in wet and oily conditions. So workers get precise control in a glove that’s also designed as a highly secure barrier against hazardous chemicals and dangerous liquids. On top of the safety features, you also get exceptional comfort and flexibility. It’s no wonder 83% of workers tested claimed they could perform tasks better with AlphaTEC gloves.

With Ansell’s new ‘wet grip’ manufacturing process, AlphaTEC gloves give your workers the control and confidence to get the job done in adverse conditions. The grip provided by the significant dry contact area, created by the microscopic channels in the coating, reduces the force required to retain — or regain — a safe hold. Ultimately, this helps reduce stress and fatigue so you can experience fewer injuries and decreased downtime. Industry-Leading Technology That Makes Work Safer. Exceptional Grip That Makes a Difference.


  • Chemical Handling
  • Agriculture
  • Automotive / OEM
  • Mining
  • Aerospace
  • Printing

A more comfortable glove equals increased worker acceptance and compliance with safety standards. That’s why the AlphaTEC glove’s thumb position was rotated outward for a more natural hand position. The cuff was opened up slightly to fit over sleeves easier. The finger shapes were revised to maximize the intimacy of contact. On the outside, a soft polymer allows for ease of hand movement and good hand sensitivity for unmatched tactility and dexterity.


Coating MaterialNitrileNitrileNitrileNitrile
Glove Size891011