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** Legion Safety Products ** offers a wide selection of _ chemical resistant gloves _ for various needs. We carry _ nitrile chemical resistant gloves _ , _ natural rubber latex safety gloves _ , _ neoprene chemical-resistant gloves _ and _ PVC coated work safety gloves _ . The _ gloves _ are generally available in lined and unlined varieties.

** Nitrile chemical-resistant gloves ** combine manual dexterity and protection in wet and oily applications, offering better protection against aromatic and petroleum solvents, caustics and various animal fats than _ neoprene chemical resistant gloves _ . _ Nitrile safety gloves _ also provide excellent protection against cuts, abrasions and punctures. _ Nitrile chemical resistant gloves _ are well-suited for use in the industries of oil refining and petrochemicals, aerospace and automotive de-greasing, various machining operations that utilize cutting coolants and oils, metal fabrication, graphic arts and printing cleanup, and electronics (semiconductors, circuit board manufacturing). An example of a good _ chemical resistant safety glove _ is the Ansell Sol-Vex chemical-resistant nitrile glove , which does not promote contact dermatitis and is compliant with the FDA regulations for food contact, making it a great choice for food processing applications, such as red meat and poultry processing, dairy, vegetables, fruit, and canning.

** Neoprene chemical resistant gloves ** are a great replacement for _ natural rubber latex chemical-resistant gloves _ and _ vinyl safety gloves _ . _ Neoprene chemical-resistant gloves _ provide superior liquid resistance and protection against acids, alcohols, oils, solvents, esters, grease and animal fats. _ Neoprene gloves _ also resist snags, cuts, punctures and abrasions and can withstand temperature fluctuations. However, _ neoprene safety work gloves _ do not protect against ketones or toluenes. Neoprene does not contain latex proteins that can cause allergic reactions.

** Legions Safety Products ** carries various _ chemical-resistant work safety gloves _ from ** Ansell ** .