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Superior SCXLX cut resistant gloves are latex palm coated gloves made with a blend of stainless steel, Kevlar®, and nylon. The blend of Kevlar®, wire-core steel, and polyester gives these cut resistant gloves an impressive ASTM level 4/ CE level 5. With over a quarter-mile of steel in each glove, the cut and abrasion-resistance of Superior Emerald CX gloves is twice that of regular Kevlar® gloves. These cut resistant safety gloves are ideal work gloves for such applications as metal fabrication, assembly, glass handling, and sheet metal work.

Superior SCXLX cut resistant gloves are made with Emerald CX Kevlar®-blend composite. Protective gloves made with composite yarns are the most cut resistant gloves available on the market today. These work safety gloves do more than protect your hands from cuts and abrasions: these are gloves you can move your hand comfortably in!

Superior Emerald CX cut resistant gloves provide the best quality high-tech yarns have to offer and enhance them further by spinning them in different combinations with other materials. Emerald CX by Superior Gloves is an engineered blend of Kevlar®, stainless steel, and high-strength synthetic yarns. This combination provides an ideal blend of abrasion and cut resistance. Special spinning process allows the use of a stainless-steel wire-core that will not pop through to the wearer’s hand, thereby increasing comfort and life of the glove.

Features of Superior Emerald CX Kevlar® cut resistant gloves:

  • Made of Emerald CX steel, Kevlar®, and cordura nylon blend
  • Cut resistance of 2561 grams ASTM level 4 / CE 5
  • Crinkled latex coated palms for excellent grip
  • Stainless steel wire core for increased cut and abrasion-resistance
  • Comfortable to wear


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