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Superior SKLP action Kevlar® cut resistant gloves with leather palms are one of the best selling cut resistant gloves by Superior Glove. These knit gloves combine the high abrasion-resistance of Tri-Tan side-split leather with the excellent comfort and cut resistance of a seamless knitted Kevlar® glove. These work gloves have leather wrapped around the sides of the fingers for increased protection and comfort. Leather palm of these cut resistant safety gloves extends the glove life and greatly improves launderability. The Superior SKLP Kevlar® gloves also feature full leather thumbs and all Kevlar® seams feature the True Hand Technology (THT) - a revolutionary change to a knit gloves. The THT string knit glove is the first glove that’s actually designed to fit your hand perfectly. These cut resistant Kevlar® gloves are leather work gloves or leather palm gloves that feature “Action” leather, which have become a standard for heavy-duty and durability.

Superior SKLP gloves feature abrasion resistant Tri-tan side-split leather. Seamless knit Kevlar® gloves provide excellent comfort and cut resistance. And as an added benefit, Kevlar® will not melt or drip around heat and open flame. The wrap-around style of Superior gloves increases protection and comfort and extends the life of the gloves. These gloves come complete with a full leather thumb, and the palms are attached to the knit glove shell with Kevlar® thread for greater durability. The leather material covering the palms and fingers extend around the sides of the fingers. This is one of the greatest wear areas of protective gloves, as seams tend to rub and annoy, often coming apart between the fingers.

Features of Superior SKPL cut resistant Kevlar® knit glove:

  • ASTM cut level 2
  • Leather palms wrap around sides of fingers, while thumb is all leather
  • Durable Tri-tan leather offers greater protection, longer wear
  • Glove body made of knit Kevlar®, which makes the gloves slash and cut resistant, plus flame retardant
  • Palms attached to knit shell using Kevlar® thread for greater seam integrity


  • Sheet metal
  • Metal stamping
  • Glass handling