Arc Flash Suit Accessories

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Legion Safety offers an excellent variety of accessories for your arc flash suit. Our products include fan blower kits and replacement filters for them; these kits allow for more comfortable arc flash suit wear, by keeping the user cooler and minimizing the possibility of fogging up the lens.

We also have replacement visors for both faceshields and overhoods, as well as overhood and faceshield kits. Additionally, we offer storage bags for your faceshield and replacement glove bags, so that you can extend your items’ work life by keeping them protected from damage.

If you are interested in arc flash suits, we offer a wide range of reliable and quality-made products, available in several styles and with different arc flash ratings. Take a look at our HRC 2 arc flash suits , HRC 3 arc flash suits , and HRC 4 arc flash suits .

Please call or email us with your questions about our products or bulk pricing quote requests.