SKU: MX8300-PRMPN: 8300

Product Details

Moldex 8300 respirator cartridges are NIOSH approved for Organic Vapors, Chlorine, Hydrogen Chloride, Sulfur Dioxide, or Chlorine Dioxide; or for escape only from Hydrogen Sulfide; or Hydrogen Fluoride. Snap fit respirator cartridge model 8300 from Moldex connectors easily and securely to the Moldex half mask facepieces . If additional particulate protection is needed, particulate filters could be attached to Moldex cartridges - Moldex 8910 N95 filters held by 8020 filter retainers , and Moldex P100 filters held by Moldex 8920 piggyback adapters .

Use Moldex 8300 organic vapor and acid gas respirator cartridges for applications such as:

  • Foundries
  • Degreasing
  • Forging
  • Paper making
  • Heat treating operations
  • Rubber manufacturing
  • Dry cleaning
  • Manufacture and use of adhesives
  • Pesticide or fumigant manufacture and application
  • Treatment of timber and wood products
  • Aluminum processing
  • Treatment of scrap metal
  • Textile manufacturing
  • Ceramics and cement work
  • Electroplating
  • Textile manufacturing
  • Manufacture of particle board
  • Treatment of leather hides
  • Sandpaper
  • Grinding wheels
  • Plywood
  • And much more


Gas protectionOrganic vapor & acid gas
Particulates protectionNone