Legion Safety can test and certify your electrical gloves. Just order your electric tests here, mix in any new items you may need to take advantage of our shipping deals, and send the gloves to our facility for electric insulation testing.


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We test the gloves and provide the pass/fail reports, with test stamps and certification. Our normal shipping rates will apply unless your purchase qualifies for our shipping discounts - you can mix in glove tests and any new items to qualify for our free shipping deals.

We normally require approximately 1 week to test gloves from the date we receive them.

We test any color and size/length, Salisbury, Cementex, PIP, Novax, and other brand rubber electrical gloves to applicable ASTM standards. Class 00 gloves, class 0, class 1, class 2, class 3, and class 4 rubber glove tests are all the same price and go through the same process. If your gloves fail, we’ll still return them to you.

How to order the test from us:

  1. Order as many tests as you need here on our website (how many pairs we will test for you).
  2. Package your gloves securely to minimize chance of damage in transit and when we are opening the box.
  3. Ship your rubber gloves (no bags or leather gloves please) to us with your order confirmation printout in the same box with the gloves, so we can know exactly who ordered. If you do not have access to a printer, make sure you clearly list your order number in/on the box - you will get your order number from your order confirmation.

Send your gloves to us here:

Glove Testing
Legion Safety Products
600 Northgate Pkwy, Ste C
Wheeling, IL 60090

What you can expect from Legion’s team when you have us electrically test your rubber lineman gloves:

  1. Upon receipt, we count what we receive from you to confirm the items and take a photograph to record the receipt.
  2. We send the receipt confirmation with the glove photo to the email from your order. If there is a mismatch between your order and the gloves we receive from you - we’ll contact you about any refunds or extra charges.
  3. The gloves are washed and cleaned to remove dirt/debris. Gloves must all be clean for tests to be valid - we have them all washed regardless of cleanliness to ensure an efficient process.
  4. Visual and physical inspection is conducted to confirm no obvious damage. If all looks good, we go to next step.
  5. Electrical test is conducted.
  6. Gloves that pass get stamped with appropriate stamps/dates.
  7. Test report is filled out.
  8. An email is sent to you with the test results.
  9. We send you all the tested gloves, marked with pass/fail, along with the test report. We will send everything back to the shipping address you list on your order during checkout on our website.


Glove class & ratingUniversalUniversal
Tested itemPair of glovesSingle glove