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** Legion Safety Products ** provides a wide variety of _ disposable gloves _ for use in food processing, light industrial and light chemical environments, dental and medical applications, biology research facilities and college labs. Our _ disposable gloves _ provide partial protection against liquids, certain chemicals, oils and minor injuries while maintaining ease of use and great manual dexterity. _ Disposable examination gloves _ also provide outstanding protection against various bloodborne pathogens. _ Examination gloves _ are thus a great choice for healthcare settings and are frequently used in doctor’s and dental offices and veterinary clinics for a wide range of applications. A _ disposable examination glove _ should be used in regular patient examinations, surgeries and everywhere where infection may be a threat. ** Legion Safety ** provides polyethylene, neoprene and _ latex disposable examination gloves _ , vinyl and _ nitrile disposable gloves _ of various thicknesses, depending on the manual sensitivity and durability required by the application. We have both _ powdered gloves _ and _ powder-free disposable gloves _ varieties available.

** Latex Gloves ** * – offer great of protection, strength and elasticity, and retain best manual dexterity possible. Traditionally the most popular _ disposable gloves _ , _ latex disposable gloves _ are an affordable option for various healthcare professionals. _ Latex examination gloves _ are resistant to puncturing and serve as an optimal barrier against bio-hazardous contaminants.

** Nitrile Gloves ** – a highest quality alternative for _ latex gloves _ , _ nitrile disposable gloves _ are proteion-free and do not cause the same allergic reactions. _ Nitrile examination gloves _ are made from 100% synthetic polymer (acrylonitrile, butadiene and carboxylic acid blend). _ Disposable nitrile gloves _ provide outstanding protection from many commonly used chemicals. They also resist puncture and tearing better than latex and _ vinyl disposable gloves _ .

** Vinyl Gloves ** – a very affordable option, _ vinyl disposable gloves _ offer an incredible value for frequent use. _ Disposable vinyl gloves _ are designed for short-term use and are a great choice for applications demanding frequent glove changes. Made from synthetic PVC resins, _ vinyl examination gloves _ do not pose the same allergy risks as their latex alternatives. This makes _ vinyl gloves _ a good option for avoiding allergens for customers and employees.

** Legion Safety Products ** provides _ disposable examination gloves _ from ** Ansell ** and ** MCR Safety ** ( ** Memphis Glove ** )

*Latex is an organic product that contains certain proteins, which can cause allergic reactions in some people. Allergy risks should be considered prior to choosing this _ glove _ type; use of _ latex disposable gloves _ should be discontinued if irritation or reddening occurs. Doctors and dentists who utilize _ disposable latex gloves _ in their office should always check with patients if they have an allergic reaction to natural rubber latex as well.