MSA 815182 Multi - Gases Comfo Cartridge with P100 Filter

SKU: MS815182-PKMPN: 815182

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Pack of 6

Product Details

The MSA Comfo 815182 respirator cartridge is designed to protect against organic vapors, ammonia, amines (NIOSH approval only for methylamine), formaldehyde, hydrogen fluoride and acid gases (NIOSH approval only for chlorine, chlorine dioxide, sulfur dioxide, hydrogen chloride and escape from hydrogen sulfide). The additional P100 Particulate Filter on this cartridge is 99.97% effective against all particulate aerosols. This cartridge has threaded connection and fits the MSA Ultra and Comfo respirator masks, some Advantage masks with an adapter. Shouldn't be uses in atmospheres containing less than 19.5% oxygen, or in atmospheres that are immediately dangerous to life and health. Shouldn't be used for protection against OV with negligible warning properties or those that generate high level of reaction heat with the sorbent in the cartridge. The Comfo 815182 cartridges are sold by package that contains six respirator cartridges.

MSA multi-gases Comfo cartridge with P100 filter fits the following respirators:


Gas protectionMulti gas
Particulates protectionP100