MSA 492790 Multi - Gases Comfo Cartridge

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Pack of 10

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This MSA Comfo 492790 Multi-Gases respirator cartridge is NIOSH approved to protect against organic vapors, formaldehyde, ammonia, methylamine and hydrogen fluoride. Additionally, this cartridge can protect against a wide variety of amines and acid gases, but NIOSH approval only extends to methylamine, hydrogen chloride, sulfur dioxide, chlorine, chlorine dioxide and escape from hydrogen sulfide. This cartridge has a threaded type of connection that fits MSA Ultra and Comfo series of respirators, and some Advantage masks with adapters. This cartridge should not be in cases when organic vapors present can generate high heat of reaction with the sorbent material, or when said OV's have poor warning properties. Also, do not use the cartridge in low-oxygen and immediately life-threatening atmospheres. The MSA Comfo 492790 cartridges are sold in pack of ten.

MSA multi-gases Comfo cartridge fits the following respirators:


Gas protectionMulti gas
Particulates protectionNone