SKU: KX9T-89367-EAMPN: 9T-89367

Product Details

Offered in a plastic case for simple carry and storage, this 1,000 V insulated precision screwdriver set is assorted for best results. The seven insulated precision screwdrivers are made out of high alloy special tool steel for longevity. For increased usability, the screwdrivers feature pronounced finger grips and rotating central heads. Knipex 9T 89367 offers the user technical functionality while also providing protection during live working.

Knipex 9T 89367 Wittron insulated precision screwdriver set has the following features:

  • 1,000 V insulated, usable for live working
  • Has 7 round precision screwdrivers insulated for electrical installation work, intended for operations requiring heightened meticulousness
  • Handles made out of soft material for comfortable non-slip grip, with pronounced finger grips and rotating central heads - for combined speed and accuracy
  • High alloy special steel for best performance
  • Come in small plastic case for easy storage and carry

Components of Knipex 9T 89367 insulated precision screwdriver set:

  • 1 insulated slotted 5.5” precision screwdriver with 1/16” (1.5 mm) tip, 1 ⅝” blade
  • 1 insulated slotted 6.25” precision screwdriver with 5/64” (2.0 mm) tip, 2 ⅜” blade
  • 1 insulated slotted precision screwdriver with 7/64” tip
  • 1 insulated slotted 7” precision screwdriver with ⅛” (3.0 mm) tip, 3” blade
  • 1 insulated Phillips 5.5” precision screwdriver with PH #00, 1 ⅝” blade
  • 1 insulated Phillips 6.25” precision screwdriver with PH #0, 2 ⅜” blade
  • 1 insulated Phillips precision screwdriver with PH #1