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Product Details

This five piece 1,000 V insulated screwdriver set offers the user protection during live working, and is compatible with slotted and Phillips head screws. Knipex 9T 653741 is comprised of insulated screwdrivers that are crafted out of high alloy chrome vanadium steel, providing long service life and maximizing performance. For best function, the handles are ergonomically shaped, offering a comfortable grip. This screwdriver set is ideal for the electrician in need of safe, long-lasting tools that deliver desired results.

Knipex 9T 653741 MaxxPro insulated screwdriver set has the following features:

  • 1,000 V insulated, usable for live working
  • 5 round screwdrivers included, insulated for working on electrical installations
  • Insulated polypropylene handles are ergonomically shaped for versatility
  • Crafted from high alloy chrome vanadium steel for optimal performance

Components of Knipex 9T 653741 insulated screwdriver set:

  • 1 slotted insulated screwdriver with 9/64” tip, 3” blade
  • 1 slotted insulated 8.25” screwdriver with 5/32” (4.0 mm) tip, 4” blade
  • 1 slotted insulated 9.25” screwdriver with 7/32” (5.5 mm) tip, 5” blade
  • 1 Phillips insulated 7.5” screwdriver with PH #1, 3” blade
  • 1 Phillips insulated 8.75” screwdriver with PH #2, 4” blade