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Product Details

Stainless surgical steel insulated cable shears from Knipex offer heightened protection while doing live electrical work, as well as durability and longevity. Knipex 95 06 230 is 1,000 V insulated for operator safety, in accordance with ASTM F 1505. The design of the shears offers a high transmission ratio which allows the user to easily cut cable with just one hand. The precision ground, hardened blades do not crush cable, only slightly deform it during the cutting process. These 9.25” shears are intended for copper conductors with single, multiple, and fine stranded wire, as well as aluminium conductors with multiple wire; not for ACSR, steel wire, or hard drawn copper conductors. The plastic impact-resistant handles also have pinch and slip guards to prevent operator injury. Quality materials and exacting craftsmanship make these shears a long-lasting addition to the electrician’s tool set.

Knipex 95 06 230 insulated cable shears have the following features:

  • 1,000 V insulated - with plastic insulation grips, usable for live working; insulated and tested according to ASTM F 1505
  • Not suitable for ACSR, steel wire and hard drawn copper conductors
  • Designed for copper conductors single wire up to 16 mm2, multiple wire up to 1/0 AWG, fine stranded up to 70 mm2, and aluminium conductors multiple wire up to 70 mm2
  • High transmission ratio allows for easy cutting with one hand
  • Precision ground, hardened blades
  • Cable becomes only slightly deformed - tool does not crush it
  • Pinch-guard and slip-guard for preventing injury
  • Adjustable bolted joint, for superior precision and smoothness
  • Body of the shears is stainless surgical steel
  • Handles are impact-resistant plastic
  • Length of 9.25” (230 mm)