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Product Details

Exclusively from Knipex, these “Cobra” VDE high tech water pump pliers offer 1,000 V insulated protection and exemplary performance. Knipex 87 28 250 SBA are highly adjustable insulated water pump pliers, requiring only that the upper gripping jaw be on the workpiece before sliding the upper handle forward to meet it from the opposite side. Perfectly fits the piece every time, and you only need to touch a button in order to release the tool. This reliable design offers quick fine-tuned adjustments and great access to the workpiece due to the slim dimensions. Additionally, these 10” Cobra water pump pliers do not slip and slide on the workpiece because they self-lock on pipes and nuts, meanwhile requiring low handforce to maintain the steady grip. Made out of durable, premium materials for a long-lasting product - forged chrome vanadium electric steel on the pliers, and insulated injection molded sleeves for the handles, which are ASTM F 1505 compliant. Outstanding for any electrician’s tool box, especially if there is a demand for excellent, high quality performance.

Knipex 87 28 250 SBA Cobra VDE insulated high tech water pump pliers have the following features:

  • 1,000 V insulated, via injection molded sleeves - usable for live working; in compliance with ASTM F 1505
  • Fast, reliable, and comfortable handle width makes adjustments easy, simply by shifting the jaw directly on to the workpiece: place the upper gripping jaw of the pliers on to the piece and slide the upper handle forward
  • The pliers open at the touch of a button, in order remove them off of the workpiece
  • The tool allows for fine tuned adjustment for optimum adaptation to varying workpiece sizes, while maintaining a comfortable grip
  • Easy access to the workpiece due to the slim size of the head and joint area
  • The tool self-locks on pipes and nuts, allowing for low handforce in maintaining a no-slip grip
  • Gripping surfaces have special hardened “teeth” with a hardness of approximately 61 HRC, providing low wear and a reliable grip
  • Box-joint design gives tool high stability due to double guide
  • Pinch-guard prevents injuries to operators’ fingers
  • Forged and oil-hardened chrome vanadium electric steel for exceptional performance
  • Length of 10” (250 mm)