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Product Details

Offering 1,000 V protection, this ASTM F 1505 compliant product is suitable for live working. Knipex 9K 98 98 20 US insulated pliers and screwdriver set is designed for automotive use, keeping the operator safe while working on vehicles. Composed of insulated diagonal cutters, insulated water pump pliers, and several insulated screwdrivers, this mechanic’s tool set supplies the essentials for electrical work on cars and the like. Made from premium materials, the tools in this set are highly durable, giving you long-lasting service and maintained performance levels. The high leverage design of the pliers and cutters provides excellent results with less expended effort. A worthwhile addition to an insulated tool collection, this set contains some highly versatile and protective tools that can readily be used for a wide range of purposes.

Knipex 9K 98 98 20 US automotive insulated pliers and screwdriver tool set has the following features:

  • 1,000 V insulated, usable for live working; in compliance with ASTM F 1505 - to give the user confidence in the protective quality of these insulated tools
  • 5 piece set of insulated tools intended for the automotive technician, perhaps for use on hybrid vehicles
  • Tools have dual-colored handles that make them distinct from other, non-insulated tools
  • Screwdrivers feature ergonomically shaped handles for increased comfortable functionality, as well as maximized torque
  • Pliers and cutters are high leverage for best results with less effort
  • Forged out of chrome vanadium steel for optimum performance and extended work life

Components of Knipex 9K 98 98 20 US automotive insulated pliers and screwdriver tool set:

  • 1 pair 10” insulated high leverage diagonal cutters, made to withstand tough and constant use, allows for cutting many types of wire with less effort, due to the high leverage design
  • 1 pair 10” insulated “Alligator” (self-gripping) pliers, which are adjustable and allow for reliable grip and optimal transmission of force
  • 1 insulated slotted screwdriver with 5/32” tip, 4” blade
  • 1 insulated slotted screwdriver with ¼” tip, 6” blade
  • 1 insulated Phillips screwdriver with PH #2 tip, 4” blade