SKU: KX86-07-250-EAMPN: 86-07-250

Product Details

This insulated adjustable wrench plier is a handy tool from Knipex which provides holding, gripping, pressing, and bending operations for many sized objects. Its adjustable quality makes Knipex 86 07 250 capable of replacing a full set of inch and metric open end wrenches. 1,000 V insulated for protection when working with potentially or actually live wires, this adjustable wrench also offers a number of features that maximize its functionality and performance. The design allows for careful installation when necessary, avoiding damage to the pieces being worked on - without compromising exceptional gripping power - in addition to quick action capability via the ratchet principle. Forged out of chrome vanadium electric steel, this 10” tool will last a long time while maintaining its quality of work - which is precisely what electricians’ tools ought to offer.

Knipex 86 07 250 insulated adjustable wrench pliers have the following features:

  • 1,000 V insulated - with dipped insulation grips, usable for live working; in compliance with ASTM F 1505
  • Replaces a full set of inch and metric open end wrenches
  • Tightening tool which is adjustable
  • Suitable for gripping, holding, pressing, and bending applications
  • Smooth jaws allow for careful installation of plated fittings
  • Tool will not round off nuts and bolts, will not damage chrome and other soft finishes
  • Design of the parallel jaws allows for 17 variations of gripping widths, up to the specified maximum size of 1-¾“, with fine-tuning possible by slightly changing the angle of jaws
  • No danger of unintentional shifting due to the reliable catching of the hinge bolt
  • Bolted connections can be tightened and released quickly using the ratchet principle, provided by the action of the jaws
  • Strong gripping power, with lever transmission exceeding 10 to 1
  • Forged and oil-hardened chrome vanadium electric steel for top-notch performance
  • Length of 10” (250 mm)