SKU: KX98-35-125-EAMPN: 98-35-125

Extension Length

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Product Details

In line with ASTM F 1505, the Knipex-made 1,000 V insulated extension bar for socket wrench increases the range of your socket wrench. Suitable for live working, the extension bar is to be used with sockets and has an internal and external driving square - for attaching to the socket wrench and the socket, respectively. The extension bar locks in reliably with the socket, allowing for consistent, top-notch performance. Crafted out of high-quality materials for longevity, this extension bar with ⅜” driving squares is designed to take on tough jobs and do them well.

Knipex insulated extension bars for socket wrenches have the following features:

  • 1,000 V insulated - with dipped plastic insulation, usable for live working; in compliance with ASTM F 1505
  • Intended for use with sockets
  • Have both internal and external (female and male) driving squares
  • Attachable sockets lock in reliably, quickly, and easily
  • Forged chrome vanadium steel for maximizing performance

Insulated extension bar variations:

  • Knipex 98 35 125 has length of 5” (125 mm); ⅜” driving square
  • Knipex 98 35 250 has length of 10” (250 mm); ⅜” driving square


Extension Length5" Long10" Long