Knipex Insulated T-Handle 8" Socket Wrench Driver 98 40 - with 1/2" Driving Square

SKU: KX98-40-EAMPN: 98-40

Product Details

This 1,000 V insulated T-handle socket wrench driver boasts a design that allows for better user leverage in harder to reach places. Made for use with sockets, Knipex 98 40 features a 1/2" driving square which allows for easy and reliable socket attachment. In line with ASTM F 1505 standards, this 8" tool is suitable for live working. Forged out of high-grade special tool steel and chrome plated for preventing corrosion, this socket wrench driver is geared towards high levels of performance and providing the operator with dependable equipment.

Knipex 98 40 insulated T-handle socket wrench driver has the following features:

  • 1,000 V insulated - with dipped plastic insulation, usable for live working; in compliance with ASTM F 1505
  • Intended for use with sockets
  • Attachable sockets lock in reliably, quickly, and easily
  • Chrome plated
  • Forged and oil-hardened high-grade special tool steel for achieving high performance
  • Has 1/2" driving square; 8" (200 mm) length