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The Crews Verdict series safety goggles are a great choice when you need a pair of over-the-glasses safety goggles. Additionally, the Verdict safety goggles have a larger bottom clearance, allowing the wearer to combine them with a variety of respirators and dust masks .

MCR Safety Crews 2400 2410 2410F and 2410NF Safety Goggle Models

Crews Verdict 2400/2410/2410F/2410NF safety goggles have an extra-wide field of vision and protect well against chemical splashes and impacts. These goggles from MCR Safety could be work with most half mask respirators and fit over prescription eyeglasses. The PVC frame fits comfortably, with the 2410F and 2410NF models featuring a soft foam lining for cushioning and a better seal. The polycarbonate Duramass-coated scratch-resistant lens stops 99.9% of UV light and offers great impact protection from small flying particles. The Crews Verdict series safety goggles meet of exceed the ANSI standard Z87.1. The 2410, 2410F and 2410NF safety goggle models also have anti-fog coating.


Safety Goggles TypeStandardAnti-Fog with Foam SealAnti-Fog with Foam Seal, adj. Neoprene Strap