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Crews Safety Goggles for Chemical and Impact Protection

_ Safety goggles _ differ from safety glasses by having adjustable headbands (versus frame sides), which hold the goggles against the wearers face. _ Safety goggles _ also offer a better seal between goggle frame and the skin for better protection. Larger _ safety goggles _ also have enough room to be able to accommodate regular glasses to be worn under them. Many _ safety goggle _ models have the Duramass scratch-resistant coating for additional durability, or an anti-fog treatment for comfortable work in any environment.

Legion Safety offers a selection of various ANSI Z87.1-2003 certified Crews safety goggles for applications in chemical laboratories, research facilities, construction areas, factories and other cases where impact and chemical splash protection needs to be maintained at all times.

Legion Safety Products carries _ safety goggles _ from Crews ( MCR Safety ), such as Stryker 2310AF goggles or Crews 2400 Verdict safety goggle .