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The Crews Chemical Splash Goggles are an excellent choice for college laboratories and research facilities alike. Offering great splash protection, these safety goggles come in a ventilated and non-ventilated variety, with optional anti-fog coating.

MCR Safety Crews 2230R 2235R and 2237R Safety Goggle Models

Crews 2230R/2235R/2237R general purpose safety goggles protect the wearer’s eyes against impacts and chemical splashes. The safety goggle frame is molded from PVC, with a polycarbonate Duramass-coated scratch-resistant lens. With a latex-free rubber strap, you can be sure these safety goggles will remain secured and protect you in times of need. The Crews 2230R and 2235R models have special splash-resistant ventilation openings. The Crews 2235R safety goggles model also features an anti-fog coating. The 2237R safety goggle also has the anti-fog coating, but no ventilation openings. All models provide 99.9% UV protection and meet (or exceed) the ANSI Z87.1 safety standard.


Safety Goggles TypeIndirect VentedAnti-Fog, Indirect VentedAnti-Fog, Not Vented