Insulated Precision Screwdrivers

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Designed for jobs that require highly accurate work, the 1,000 V insulated precision screwdrivers deliver the necessary results. Crafted by Knipex, this tool comes in an assortment of lengths and with differing tips – slotted, Phillips, Torx – of various sizes. Legion Safety also offers insulated precision screwdriver sets, containing tools with assorted tip shapes and sizes, for the convenience of the electrical worker. Made to provide protection for the electrician and lineman during live working, the insulated precision screwdriver affords safety while working on electrical installations. For best function, these tools have rotating central heads and pronounced finger grips, so that the operator can use them with outstanding effects. Intended for use in environments that contain very small sized screws requiring extremely precise tools, these screwdrivers make sure the electrical worker is fully protected from electrical hazards and has quality tools to help complete the job to the highest standards.



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