Hats and Insulated Balaclavas

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In the winter time hard hats often let cold wind in and leave workers uncomfortable. Legion Safety Products now offers ** Occunomix winter liners ** and hard hat liners. All of our ** winter liners ** come with warming pack pockets, allowing use of disposable hand and foot warmers to be inserted for extra heat in the coldest of conditions. An elastic band is sewn into the winter liner around the facial area to provide a snug and comfortable fit while the insulated ear barriers serve to keep wind and cold off of workers ears. The result is a ** hard hat winter liner ** with the best heat insulation and minimum wind penetration available. For the best of both worlds check out our flame resistant winter liners for superior protection from fire, wind and cold.

We also offer a selection of warm winter hats, including fire resistant hats, and offering comfort at an economical price.