Specialty FR Clothes (11)

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Legion Safety offers a selection of specialty FR clothing for applications that demand more than just protection from flame. Our CarbonX and Vinex clothing is great for a variety of special applications due to the qualities of these particular materials. Vinex clothing is able to shed molten aluminum very effectively, creating a great solution for aluminum smelting facilities – we may be able to send you a sample piece of fabric to test how it performs for your materials. CarbonX has a different strength – it has an extremely high insulating value. CarbonX clothing can be used in very high temperatures and holds the heat away for longer than most other materials.

Please call or email us to discuss the possibility of using CarbonX or Vinex in your facility - we would be happy to assess your application and make recommendations, if these fabrics appear suitable for you, we may be able to send fabric samples for evaluation.