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Leather Palm and Full Leather Work Gloves, Pigskin, Grain and Split Leather Glove - Big Jake, Mustang and Bronco Gloves

_ Full leather gloves _ and _ leather palm work gloves _ protect hands from cuts, abrasion, minor vibration, heat and punctures. _ Leather work gloves _ are generally made with the rugged requirements in mind and are used in many fields, such as assembly, cable construction, foundry work, jackhammer operations, pipe fitting, re-barb, rope handling, stamping, iron and steel work, lumberjack and millwright operations, farming and mining.

_ Cowhide _ is most commonly used in _ leather safety work gloves _ . Cowhide is divided into three layers prior to manufacturing, with the smooth outer layer (grain side) being used on “premium” grade styles of _ leather work gloves _ . It is the strongest and smoothest part of the hide. The bottom layer (suede side) is generally used on _ leather palm glove _ styles, which have linings to protect the hands against its roughness. The middle layer has no tensile strength and is usually discarded.

_ Pigskin leather _ requires tanning to achieve toughness and pliability. Soft and flexible when dried, pigskin can withstand moisture without stiffening. Pigskin also has great abrasion resistance and overall durability.

_ Horsehide _ is soft and comfortable, but at the same time durable and abrasion-resistant. Additionally, it resists punctures better than most other types of leather.

** Legion Safety Products ** carries _ leather work gloves _ from ** Rawhyde Frontier ** and ** MCR Safety ** ( ** Memphis Glove ** ), including models such as _ Big Jake _ ®, _ Mustang _ ®, _ Bronco _ ® and _ Select Split _ . Certain _ leather work gloves _ are sewn with _ Kevlar _ ® for extra strength and durability.