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200 Pairs
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Pura-Fit® earplugs feature a tapered design that makes it easier to insert them into any size ear canal. These ear plugs are longer than average, making them easier to grasp. The Moldex Pura-Fit® earplugs are designed for increased safety regulation compliance and fewer worker complaints. The special foam used in making these earplugs provides softness and comfort. The outer surface of Moldex PuraFit earplugs is smooth and doesn’t cause ear canal irritation. The Pura-Fit earplugs have a high independently tested Noise Reduction Rating of 33. Pura-Fit earlpugs from Moldex are independently tested to ANSI S3.19-1974 giving Moldex customers reassurance that Pura-Fit ear plugs provide excellent protection against all kinds of industrial noise.

Features of the Moldex Pura-Fit foam earplugs:

  • Moldex Pura-Fit ear plugs are 100% PVC-Free
  • Highest Independently tested Noise Reduction Rating (33)
  • Longer length and taper for easy insertion and removal
  • Made of soft foam with smooth surfaces for maximum comfort and irritation-free use
  • The bright green color of these ear plugs allows easy compliance checks


NRR RatingNRR 33NRR 33NRR 33NRR 33
TypeCompression foamCompression foamCompression foamCompression foam
Ear Plugs Type and PackageBox of 200 PairsCorded, Box of 100 Pairs250 Pair PlugStation Dispenser500 Pair PlugStation Dispenser