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These safety glasses with foam gaskets from 3M offer a comfortable seal around each eye, limiting exposure to dust particles and other hazardous materials, in addition to providing cushioned wear. The safety glasses feature an anti-fog lens coating and the foam-lined gaskets have airflow vents, making this safety eyewear highly suitable for humid conditions. The gaskets are also removable, for best function. Virtua CCS protective safety glasses include the Corded Earplug Control System (CCS) - which allows glasses and corded earplugs to remain attached, as well as untangled and at the ready. When attached to the safety glasses, the corded earplugs allow the glasses to hang around the wearer’s neck when they are not in use, for increased convenience. These quality-made and efficiently designed safety glasses offer outstanding protection without compromising comfort and usability, so that you can work without worrying excessively about your eye safety. Corded earplugs are sold separately.

3M Virtua CCS protective safety glasses with foam gasket and anti-fog lenses have the following features:

  • Foam-lined gasket for limiting eye exposure to small-sized hazardous material; offers comfort as well as protection * Gasket is removable for easy cleaning, etc. * Vents in gasket minimize fogging for best functionality
  • Polycarbonate lenses with anti-fog coating, for best performance in humid conditions * Lenses absorb 99.9% of UV * Lenses meet requirement of CSA Z94.3-07; Impact Rated to ANSI Z871.1-2010
  • Corded Earplug Control System (CCS) allows for safety glasses and corded earplugs to be attached, untangled, and ready for use * Earplug cord acts as lanyard for safety glasses, when glasses are not in use * CCS is compatible with various vinyl-corded earplugs * Corded earplugs are sold separately.

3M Virtua CCS protective safety glasses variations:

  • 3M Virtua CCS 11872-00000-20, with clear anti-fog lenses
  • 3M Virtua CCS 11873-00000-20, with gray anti-fog lenses


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