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Crews Safety Glasses

_ Safety glasses _ are a type of lighter _ protective eyewear _ . Unlike safety goggles , they feature a regular eyeglass frame with temple sides and generally don't have a seal between the frame and the wearer's skin. Crews Safety Glasses are designed to provide _ impact eye protection _ from flying debris and are used in sawmill operations, farming and gardening, industrial and road construction, dry labs, contractor work and many more applications. Multiple models of safety _ glasses _ also have additional features, such as fog-resistant coatings or Duramass scratch-resistant coating.

Legion Safety Products offers a wide selection of _ safety glasses _ that adhere to the ANSI Z87.1-2003 standard. Currently we provide a variety of Crews safety glasses with models including Crews Bearkat Anti-Fog Series safety glasses , Crews Law Series glasses , or the economy Crews Stratos Series safety glasses . We constantly seek to expand our product selection – please check back to see the updates.

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